Standen FM2

Standen FM2

Year 2002

34" Rows

72" Wheels

Blades Would Probably Do A Season But Showing Signs Of Wear

Cross Conveyor Good

Cosmetically Very Good

Mechanically No Issues Runs Up Quiet And Smooth

Depth Wheel Adjuster Works Fine

This Is A Very Genuine Tidy Topper For The Year


Reekie (Scott's) Topper

Reekie (Scott's) Topper

Model 22B

Year 2010

Serial No T210115

2.5 Metres Wide

Currently fitted with Baselier Bed Flails as new

Scotts Row Flails and Shearbar available to refit if required blades worn

Narrow Depth Wheels Wind Up and Down Freely

Set for front mounting but will swap to go on the rear.

Cosmetically Average We Have Replaced the Front Hood and Repainted It, the Rear Hood is Solid Apart From One Small Hole But Needs Painting. Side Guard Has Been Repaired


Baselier LKB550ID Topper

Baselier LKB550ID Topper

Year 2004

Bed Flails (as new)

72" Wheels

1000 RPM Drive

End Tow Kit

Depth Wheels Require Attention

Cosmetically Average Paintwork Faded and a Bit Rusty, But Generally Straight.

Mechanically Excellent, Blades As New and Runs Perfectly