Standen Pearson Unistar Destoner

Standen Pearson Unistar Destoner

Year 2011

Serial No 158

Heavy Duty Belt Drive

Multiblade Share, Serrated Discs

1 Row of Infill Ring

2 Spacer Machine

40mm Under Web with Hydraulic Agitator

Variflow Top Web

14.5x20 Wheel Equipment

Mechanically and Cosmetically Very Good


Reekie 400 Destoner

Reekie 400 Destoner

Year 1997

Serial No 44121w

Multiblade Share

Full Rotor

Choice of Web Pitch

Belt Drive

11.5/80-15.3 Tyre Equipment

Standard Specification Pre Select Depth Control, Hydraulic Raise and Lower of Scrubber Web, Twin Hydraulic Motor Drive of Cross Con, Hyd folding of Cross Con.

This machine is very tidy for the year both mechanically and cosmetically.


Reekie 5154

Reekie 5154

Year 2004

Pre Select Depth Control

Single Blade Share

1/2 Rotor

36-36-36-36 Webs (All In Good Order)

Stone Box (Spools Good)

Oversize Wheels 335/80 R20 Radials

Belt Drive

Cosmetically And Mechanically Very Good

One Of The Last To Come Out Of The Reekie Factory


Reekie 5170

Reekie 5170

Year 1999

Serial No 45241Y

Full Width Share

Converted Half Rotor

Belt Drive

36-42-36-36-28mm Webs

28mm Cross Con Web

335/80x20 Oversize Radial Tyres

Steering, Pre Select Depth Control, Rear Raise and Lower

Mechanically Good

Cosmetically Very Tidy

PTO Shaft

Control Box

Operator's Book


Reekie 5170

Grimme CS1700

Year 2006

Belt Drive

Seven Rows of Stars (Good Condition)

1 Spacer

40mm Rear Web (Genuine Grimme Very Good)

Rake-Type Stone Box

A Very Tidy Genuine Machine Ready To Go To Work