Grimme DL1700 Variant

Grimme DL1700 Variant

Year 1996

Serial No 0682

Wheel Drive

Wide Angle PTO (Guard Good)

1/2 Diablo

34" Centre Share (Shares Good)

Haulm Wheels (Good)

45mm Main Web (Genuine Grimme Very Good)

Haulm Rollers Worn And Need Replacing Soon But Would Not Stop It Working

35mm Second Web (Genuine Grimme Good)

80mm Dalman Rollers (All Good)

4 Man Picking Table (Plumbed Into Tractor Spool Valve)

Canopy (Very Good)

Elevator Straight

500/60 x 22.5 Wheel Equipment (Elevator Side Very Good Under Side Some Cracking And Worn On Outside

This Is Cosmetically And Mechanically A Good Straight Harvester For The Year


Grimme SE 70-20

Grimme SE 70-20

Year 1995

Serial No 0818

2 Blade Share

50mm Digger Web (With Web Covers 32mm Gap)

Deviner Web 40mm (32mm Gap)

2 Rows Of Stars, Transfer Roller, 2 Further Rows Of Stars

Cross Web 32mm (With Web Covers 20mm Gap)

Pintle Belt Finger Cleaner (6 Fingers Broke)

Picking Table


Lane Adjuster

Road Lights

Fall Breaker

This Is An Immaculate Very Genuine Harvester Both Mechanically And Cosmetically And Has Only Done About 200 Acres From New


Pearson Enterprise

Pearson Enterprise

Year 1999

900mm Elevator In Good Order

Webs And Cleaning System Sold

Breaking For Spares, Ring For Details


Reekie Dominant Picking Table

Reekie Dominant Picking Table

4 Man


Elevator Brackets


Standen T2 Potato Harvester

Standen T2 Potato Harvester

Year 2013

Serial No 152

34" Share

72" Wheels

Centre Disc

36 mm Digger Web

45 mm Main Web

4 Rows of Stars

5 Omega Shafts

Soft Drop Elevator

Rear Platform


560/60 R22.5 and 420/70R24 Wheel Equipment

Hydraulic Axle

Wheel Drive

This harvester is immaculate both cosmetically and mechanically and has only done 300 acres from new.


Grimme WR200 Windrower

Grimme WR200 Windrower

Year 2009

34" Centre Share, Shares Very Good

1/2 Diablos

32 mm Main Web Complete With 2 Agitators - One Manual, One Hydraulic

Haulm Roller Slightly Marked but Useable

32 mm Second Web

22 mm Cross Con Web

Hydraulic Side Shift

Hydraulic raise and lower of end section, this is homemade, apart from the pipework it is quite tidy.



Mounted on the 3 point linkage

Road Lights

Mechanically this machine has not done a lot of work and is in good straight order, web rollers look good and everything works.

Cosmetically very tidy, the paintwork might not be quite as good as the pictures show as it is a little dull but generally very straight. One small dent in the one guard.


Reekie 2170

Reekie 2170

Year 1999

Serial No 70901Y

32" Centre Share

Full Diablos

Diablo Sensing

50 mm Main Web

32 mm Second Web

Haulm Rollers Good

Hydraulic Raise and Lower of Cleanflow Rollers

900 mm Elevator

Oversize Wheels

420/85 R24

425 R20

Web Clutch

4 Man Picking Table and Canopy

Web Cleaners

Wheel Drive

This is a nice straight harvester, paintwork typical Reekie, a bit rusty and faded but no dents or scrapes.

Mechanically not bad at all, the web rollers go round, not too much play in Cleanflow Bearing and everything works.